The Paint Bucket

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What's your favorite color? 


There is currently over 21,000 coats of paint on the ball to this day.  See the breakdown below.


3Coats ofMAROON
3Coats ofSILVER
6Coats ofLILAC
14Coats ofVARNISH
45Coats ofBURGUNDY
168Coats ofLAVENDER
267Coats ofPEACH
476Coats ofGOLD
571Coats ofPURPLE
675Coats ofORANGE
825Coats ofBLACK
942Coats ofRED
1024Coats ofGRAY
1185Coats ofBROWN
1214Coats ofPINK
1330Coats ofBEIGE
1885Coats ofWHITE
2973Coats ofGREEN
3289Coats ofBLUE
3278Coats ofYELLOW