BOP Facts

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BOP Facts

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If all the paint on the ball was stretched out into a 4 inch wide strip that would be enough to paint a 68 mile line down a stretch of highway.



The BOP is 42.33 " in diameter (21.16 " Radius; Each layer is approximately .001037 in thickness. (Facts based on 20,500 coats of paint)



One gallon of paint will paint the ball about 12 times.

This is actually the 2nd BOP Mike has started.  The first one is located in a museum in Knightstown, Indiana and has approximately 100 coats of paint on it.


To move the ball from it's old home to the new Roadside Attraction Barn took a crew of 4 people and a tractor, and a few other devices to keep the ball from rolling away!


Most of the coats were brushed on in the earlier years, however, Mike recently has started using a 4" roller for convenience.